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Digital business in Mexico: overview by BGBG


A Q&A guide to digital business in Mexico.

by Carlos J. Diaz Sobrino and Valery Tapia, BGBG Abogados

The Q&A gives a high level overview of matters relating to regulations and regulatory bodies for doing business online, setting up an online business, electronic contracts and signatures, data retention requirements, security of online transactions and personal data, licensing of domain names, jurisdiction and governing law, advertising, tax, liability for content online, insurance, and proposals for reform.


Regulatory overview Setting up a business online Running a business online

- Electronic contracts

Implications of running a business online

- Cyber security/privacy protection/data protection

Linking Domain names Jurisdiction and governing law Advertising/marketing Tax

Protecting an online business

- Liability for content online

Liability for products/services supplied online Insurance Reform Online resources

- Disputados

Contributor profiles

- Carlos J. Diaz Sobrino

- Valery Tapia

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